Is a project born and realized as a turning-point in the broadest and chaotic hosting host house and provider in both Italy and other EU countries. An idea led by a team of thirty-year IT professionals in the IT sector based in Wales (UK), 56 Brook Street Williamstown – Tonypandy Walles (UK) and Data Centers in Manchester, with all the guarantees and attentions Due to a project that has a clear European vocation. We chose Manchester, London and then the United Kingdom to offer our customers maximum Speed ​​Security and Technologies.

Jumany.UK wants to be the landing point for a new concept of pricing and functionality: a winning combination that runs smoothly on the same track with ease of communication (simple, straightforward, transparent and effective) and their enjoyment; In fact, often from the purchase to the customer and the use of the customer service there are difficult steps, obstacles of various kinds that complicate the life of the user rather than the retailers, without the necessary functionality and above all creating a Gap between security quality and cost of service purchased.

The prices we have reached and which we propose are among the lowest ever, while maintaining a high level of quality of services and technologies
How did we do it?

We’ve worked hard to streamline the essential steps and ease of operation of all the useful operations, leaving out the redundant, marginal, and often repetitive ones: few targeted packages that cover more than 90% of user requirements (from private individuals to web agencies ); A design work in creating the platform that handles all the services, allows us to enter pole-position at European level in a definitely extended but confused landscape. We have every kind of solution to meet your every need if you do not find the right solution for you, we will be happy to provide you with an uninvited quote.

Our mission is to create order, facilitating users in finding out what’s needed and focusing on the fast and intuitive interface that delivers and manages services from paying to the control panel.

Our multilingual staff will be able to guide you from purchasing to online your projects with the ability to make them visible in search engines and bring targeted traffic to your business on the internet.

This is Jumany.UK, these are us!