Our Platform

Intelligent platform for reliability and performance

We use the latest virtualization software OnApp for hosting cPanel and hardware

Our powered SSD storage is centralized in a highly available 10Gbe Storage Area Network (SAN). This not only makes our network storage much faster but it also means that you have more security and reliability on the physical machine on which your web hosting or VPS runs.

Our cloud hosting OnApp cloud controller controls all cPanel day and night hosting services, and if it detects a failure of any critical hardware, it will automatically move your hosting and spare hardware.

All this happens so quickly and securely that it will be impossible to detect it. Our engineers will simply have to replace the dead hardware without any impact on your web hosting, VPS or email or services. We are so confident that it works, that we can guarantee the hosting will never drop below 99.99% availability.

Most web hosting servers are largely under-utilized. In tests throughout our data center we found that at some point, about 75% of our hardware uses less than 25% of its maximum capacity.

This is a big waste of energy and money. By sharing both back-end storage and front-end servers we can dramatically reduce hardware costs and thus offer the savings you’ve always wanted. As a result, all process energy is more efficient. This also means that the web hosting or service package always has the power you need, providing unparalleled performance improvements, so you will not find your cloud hosting with low resources.

If you do not find what you are looking for today, write us and we will give you all the solutions and details!


What is Jumany.uk Cloud Hosting?

cloudJumany.uk Cloud Hosting is an alternative to the hosting server using dedicated dedicated virtualization technologies.

The hardware on which web hosting runs are virtualized using OnApp.

This brings a number of huge benefits, including the ability to offer unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth with a massive uptime of 99.99%.

What is OnApp?

onappOnApp Cloud is a industry-leading cloud platform that allows you to set up and manage public and private clouds that use enterprise-level hardware.

We use enterprise-class Dell hardware and SAN SSD technology powered to deliver optimum performance and performance.

For more information about OnApp, visit their site onapp.com.

Our service

JUMANYDEFINITIVAUnlike many hosting providers; We are not just a reseller. But we work with our dedicated hardware from the Data Center right here in the UK and specifically at Manchester Technopark

Using our hardware and networks allows us to build tailor-made scalability with hosting platforms, using industry-leading software.

All the services we offer are based on cloud technology, which enables us to provide on-demand services to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers without any downtime.

On top of all this, we provide customer service!

   All of our solutions are Green

logo Ambiente_foglia2Cloud hosting uses about an eighth of the power of a modern physical hosting solution, similarly specified.

We work with partners who care about the environment, and always looking for new ecological methods to carry out our business.

We only use SSD drives to our cloud storage solutions, which reduce power and cooling needs and are always looking to be sure to provide a green and ecological service.

Intelligent Architecture

ferramentasOur customized platform has been designed and built by us, using premium hardware to deliver ultra-reliability and performance.


Our Data Center

datacenter-drawn-offsite-backupOur primary structure is Turing House, based in Manchester Technopark. Turing House has four on-site generators with 5 day fuel power, providing full capacity to sustain long power outages.

A complete VESDA system that provides early smoking diagnosis is in place so that no potential fire risk is detected before it can develop. In the unlikely event of a fire do not develop because the new FM200 fire suppression system is among the best.


Manchester Technopark has on-site 24/7 security on-site backups to deal with any major event.

Closed-circuit cameras, motion detection, and keyless entry system to ensure multiple levels of security and maximum peace of mind.

The facility is on-site on-site with 24/7 technical support for quick and safe response.

99,99% Uptime

timeWith a dedicated dedicated server, if the hardware fails, then you get downtime. Our OnApp Cloud does not rely on every single piece of hardware, which allows you to benefit from a massive uptime of 99.99%.

Our operation and performance are both independently controlled by IPPATROL.

Do I want to know more?

If you want to know more, ask for information on a tailor-made solution or even just want a chat about our services, please contact us and we will be happy to help.