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How do I get a free SSL certificate
for my website? (AutoSSL) offers free SSL certificates from AutoSSL. You can issue them yourself from your hosting’s cPanel.
You will need your cPanel username and password to access it directly.

How quickly will my web hosting
purchase be processed?

Once you’ve signed up to your new service, it will automatically create within a few minutes, and your welcome email will be sent to you with your login details once completed.

How quickly will my domain purchase
happen be processed?

The new domain is immediate, however the transfer of a domain can be completed in a few minutes or a few days depending on many external factors (including the existing registrar).

JetBackup - Restoring a full
account backup.

We use JetBackup for our internal system backups and we share these backups with you to enable restoration of files, databases, CRON jobs, DNS Zones, Email, SSL and your full account. You can also download copies of these backup files.

How to disable the WordPress CRON
job and set it up in cPanel

WordPress doesn’t have a built-in scheduler to run regular tasks, so to get around this it fires off a request to process wp-cron.php every time a visitor requests a page.

Installing LiteMage caching
for Magento v2

Our corporate servers, where we support Magento installations, also run LiteMage, which allows Magento to take advantage of LiteSpeed caching. If you use Magento we highly recommend installing and configuring LiteMage

Managing WordPress

On newly created WordPress sites, updates are enabled by default on Onyx. This means your WordPress sites will automatically update to the latest minor versions and translation files (e.g. 6.x.x to 6.y.y). WordPress does not automatically perform major version updates e.g. 5.x.x to 6.x.x)..

What dSpamExperts
An overview

SpamExperts is our dedicated spam filtering cluster that inspects all incoming emails. It is included in all plans and you will find it in your cPanel as well as Anti Malware. Use it carefully. Prevention is better than cure

Checking if an email was sent successfully
using the Track Delivery tool

We are responsible for an email message only until it is accepted by the foreign postal system. You can check this for yourself by clicking the Track Delivery icon in cPanel. The Track Delivery tool can also be useful for diagnosing problems with outgoing email, such as when your email server doesn’t receive an email.

I saw that you provide CRM and ERP.
Tell me more.

We provide CRM ERP created and managed by us. There are 3 solutions 1) Complete CRM with Mobile 2) Collaborative CRM. 3) CRM for manufacturing companies and agencies. We are happy to give you every explanation and do a DEMO. provides
additional services? It’s just the technical part. You can learn more about all our services on JUMANY.COM. Jumany LTD is over 10 years old in the UK and the team has a demonstrable experience of over 30 years. This is why we are available to help.

Does Jumany offer
cybersecurity services?

For us, customer safety is the basis of everything. We therefore make all our facilities and experience available to give the best service at the best price. We are therefore an extension of your corporate IT team.